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A Netgen product

Take control of your leads

TrackEasy creates an online database that allows you to view each and every lead you receive.

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A Netgen product

Keep everything in the cloud

You don’t need to install software because TrackEasy lives online and can be accessed from anywhere.

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A Netgen product

Never lose a lead

It’s the all-in-one system that puts you in control of your leads. Get in touch now for a quote.

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Core Features

Lead Tracking

Effortlessly track leads

Connect TrackEasy to all of your digital marketing and it’ll automatically list new leads. Manually input any other leads to keep them in one place.

Task Management

Assign tasks for each lead

Update leads with specific tasks or new information to ensure that a lead never goes cold because you didn’t know when they were last contacted.

Custom Templates

Create custom templates

Communicating with leads has never been simpler. Send emails or texts via TrackEasy and all messages and responses are logged in the system.

TrackEasy Lead Management Solution

TrackEasy truly is an all-in-one lead management solution. It gives you oversight and full control over all of your leads by putting them in one centralised dashboard. You can manage each lead and track where you are in the communication process.

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from unifying their lead management process with TrackEasy. Whether you have a large sales team or it’s just you contacting leads, you’ll never lose another one in the black hole of spreadsheets again. The best part is, each lead and all the information linked to it is kept in the cloud so you have access to everything no matter where you are.

Put your company in control and turn more leads into sales with TrackEasy.